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What is mediation?

  • Mediation is a process in which one or two experienced and qualified mediators help a couple or other family members to reach joint decisions about one or more matters relating to children, finance and property.
  • The focus of mediation is the future, i.e. the concrete issues which need to be resolved by the participants to be able to move forward.
  • Mediation also aims to improve communication between the couple so that they are able to build a reasonably amicable relationship and resolve problems which may arise in the future without the need for external help.
  • Mediation enables couples who have children to co-operate as parents.

What mediation is not

  • Mediation is not counselling: it does not deal with the conflicts which led to the breakdown of the relationship or the emotional issues arising from it. However, in some instances we may be able to offer brief counselling ourselves.
  • Mediation does not aim to bring the couple back together but this may occasionally happen when communication between ex-partners improves.
  • The mediators do not provide legal advice. This is the role of solicitors. However, the mediators can give information on some legal or other relevant matters.
  • The mediators do not take sides. They are impartial.
  • The mediators do not try to influence the outcome. The participants make their own decisions.

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