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Why mediation?

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Mediation enables you to listen and talk to each other in the presence of an impartial mediator about the issues that you both wish to resolve.

Although this may be difficult, it often helps in reaching a joint decision and leads to an improvement in communication.

Your children will greatly benefit from your increased ability to communicate and co-operate as parents. Research demonstrates that when parents separate, it is the conflict between them that hurts the children most. Anything that can be done to reduce acrimony and anger helps children cope with parental separation.

The process of resolving the issues arising from the breakdown of your relationship will be less lengthy, costly and stressful than if negotiations are conducted through solicitors, or a judge is asked to decide.

If you are able to communicate in mediation you will probably find that, with the passage of time, you will need less and less to depend on the help of others to resolve issues between you.


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