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Is mediation confidential?

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Mediation is confidential so that you can express your views openly in the knowledge that they will not be disclosed to anybody else. However there are a few exceptions to confidentiality as mentioned below.

I will not give information about proposals made in mediation, or any other matters that have been discussed, to your legal or other advisers or to anyone else, without obtaining your joint permission. However, financial and any other factual information may be disclosed by either of you in legal proceedings.

Also if it comes to light that a member of the family is at risk of harm I will normally discuss with you both any action required before reporting my concerns to the appropriate authorities.

In addition, The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 does not allow me to negotiate about money which has been obtained illegally, e.g. through money laundering, tax evasion or benefits fraud. If any such activities came to light during a session I would have to terminate the negotiations concerning finances.


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